2020 Corvette C8 Hexagon Front Inlet Cover

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The reason you need protection! The C8 below only had 2200 miles on it when this picture was taken.

Don’t wait until there is major damage to your investment!

  • Patent pending design
  • Easy to install from in front of the car (20 min. total time)
  • No tools needed or removal of any factory parts
  • Laser cut aluminum solid design/not flimsy like screens
  • Won't crack & break like a plastic screen will/not flimsy like an aluminum screen
  • Powder coated on both sides
  • Factory Look – matches the factory hexagon on the rear hatch & rear facia
  • $349.00 plus flat rate shipping to lower 48, (applicable sales tax will be applied)
  • No lift needed, grab a cushion from an outdoor chair!
  • Use your favorite ceramic coating before installation for super easy cleaning!


  • Note: because of the structured design you loose the ability to open the frunk using the button under the headlight.
  • However you do have both the remote button & the button on the drivers door to open the frunk

1 review for 2020 Corvette C8 Hexagon Front Inlet Cover

  1. richrat

    Fellow Forum Members,

    It has been an absolute pleasure to work with C8VPO on the testing of their Front Inlet Screens and I have now had the opportunity to install and test a set on my 2020 Corvette Z51 Coupe. In short, I couldn’t be more pleased with the fit, finish, powder coating, honeycomb match, installation flexibility, and overall quality of this product. And they really make the front end look great by limiting the direct view of the unsightly heat exchangers.

    Initially, I was concerned about three things:
    Installation in front of the OEM grills.
    Fitment of the lower corners after seeing the first installation photos.
    Airflow capacity and ease of removal for track days.
    Regarding installation over the OEM grills, not only does this make the installation much easier than if they were behind the grills, but the optional installation using zip ties makes for an easy removal if you ever need to clean the grills.

    Regarding fitment of the lower corners, the screens ship perfectly flat, but since they are designed to be flexible, a slight bend of the lower inlets allows for perfect fitment. I hadn’t realized how recessed the far lower corner of each grill is, but with a slight bend, the inlet screens fit perfectly.

    Regarding airflow capacity and ease of removal for track days, I took the car out for a drive this afternoon in 95 degree temps. You can see from the photo taken near the end of the drive that cooling wasn’t impacted at all. And with the zip tie installation, I can easily remove these for track days.

    I was also impressed with the exact match of the inlet screen honeycomb design to the OEM honeycomb on the rear engine deck and lower rear fascia. It’s a perfect match.
    These Front Inlet Screens are a quality product that matches the quality of the car. They look and feel like the are an OEM accessory item. I’ve chosen to install mine for now via zip ties, which you can tell up close, but once you back away from the car a little, even this is not very noticeable. The included 3M tape installation is ideal if you do not plan on tracking your car.

    Thanks Rich for making an awesome product to cover the front grills and to protect the heat exchangers!

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