• Cars and motorcycles have been my obsession since I was 6 years old. My father was the General Manager of a Chevrolet dealer when I was a little kid so being a gearhead is in my blood! That’s also how my obsession with Corvettes started, my mom would take us to the dealership every Saturday to go to lunch with my dad. I would always run to the Corvette in the showroom (there was always one there) & pretend I was driving it. I still remember all the salesmen would cringe but there was nothing they could do as I would stand on the drivers seat grasping the steering wheel jumping up & down. I did that for many, many years every Saturday for real!
  • My love for cars has brought me to a point where I wanted to share my passion with fellow C8 owners. I have ordered and should receive my C8 at the end of Feb. 2020 or sooner as I have a TPW (tentative production week of 12/16/19 now 2/10/20 maybe sooner) & will be using the car to make custom parts to upgrade your new C8 Corvette making it unique just like you!